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Image by Diana Polekhina
Sometimes you need something 'off-menu' that fits your goals/needs/schedule better.
If you would like pole in your life, but there isn't anything on the schedule this session that fits you, we've got you. Private/semi-private sessions are an opportunity for an individualized experience.
Is a private/semi-private session right for you?
  • you aren't free during our regular classes
  • you have unique and specific goals
  • you are only here for a short time or cannot commit to a series
  • you want to learn at your own pace
  • you are hesitant to try a fitness activity in a group setting
  • you need specific accommodations or physical adaptations
  • you prefer a one on one experience
Private/semi-private sessions (1 hour):
  • Just for you
    • 1 hour: $80/hour
    • 4 pack: $65/hour ($260 total)
  • 2 people sharing
    • 1 hour: $40/hour per person
    • 4 pack: $32.50/hour per person​
  • 3 people sharing
    • 1 hour: $27/hour per person
    • 4 pack: $21.66/hour per person
  • 4 people sharing
    • 1 hour: $27/hour per person
    • 4 pack: $21.66/hour per person 

Some things you can do in a private/semi-private session:
  • any series class curriculum
  • any choreography class 
  • learn specific moves that interest you
  • work on flow
  • have fun with some friends
  • practice with and instructor one-on-one
  • create your own choreography #dancedoula
  • Movement Sanctuary Privates with Veda
    • use movement to grow, process, and/or heal
    • $20 discount on package ($240)
    • 4 pack: $60/hour

Create Your Own Class
Private Lessons

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