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Think of Practice classes as Study Hall. It is a chance to practice and refine the moves you learn in your foundations or choreo series classes.


  • I have never taken a class before, where do I begin?
    ~Hesitant? Take an Intro to Pole taster class. We only offer these once a session at a discounted rate of $20, they are 45 min long and give you a fun, confidence-building introduction into the world of pole. ~Drop In to one of our many beginners pole & non-pole classes. Pole 101 Drop In is the best place to start your pole journey between sessions, but we also offer strength and flexibility building class off the pole to prepare your body for more fun to come! ~Ready to go? Sign up for a Pole Level 101 series. These are twice a week for 8 weeks. (Intro to Pole taster is not required) -Take a Movement Sanctuary class. These are lower impact, and open to anyone, no experience necessary. *There are more advanced levels of this class, so just make sure to find the LEVEL 1 class -Book a private or semi-private with a friend. Check the Private page to learn more. Click the Schedule Now button on our website & book your class now!
  • Do I have to have upper body strength, be fit, be flexible?
  • Do I have to wear those MONSTER heels?
    Only if you want to! All of our Series are taught barefoot. When most people hear pole dancing they tend to think of strip clubs. While the sensual side is still very present there are actually three main branches of pole dancing; Sport, Art and Sexy. We have classes available to express each of those!
  • I'm shy and worried I will feel too awkward in class...
    Dont be worried! Pole is one of the most supportive and uplifting communities out there. You wont just leave with a good workout, you might also leave with new friends! Come in and try a class, if its too uncomfortable you can always look into Private Lessons or Semi-Privates with friend!
  • I have taken a class before, where should I start?
  • Its my first time, what do I wear?
    For pole dance classes you will need to wear shorts so that you can use the skin on your legs to grip the pole. You should also wear a top that you are comfortable exercising in. Tank top or a sports bra is ideal. Definitely nothing with snaps or buttons (it can scratch the surface of the pole losing the shiney finish). Most of all, wear what you feel most confident in! Although access to skin helps with sticking to the pole (and many dancers tend to decrease the amount of fabric in their outfits as they progress to access more skin for grip) many pole clothing companies sell "sticky" pole attire if you prefer to stay covered up.
  • What if I miss a class?
    Life happens! If you miss a class or two in your foundations or choreo series, you can choose from Pole Lab or Open Pole to practice what you've missed. Drop-in classes cannot be made up. Please cancel at least 4 hours prior to the start of the class, if you cannot make it. *NOTE: Packages do not roll over into the next series.
  • Can my child/partner/cat/barista sit in the corner and watch?
    Pole Hale has a strict policy that the only people in the classroom be participants and instructors. While we love the idea of you sharing your passion take pictures or videos and save class time for just YOU. <3 If you're in a bind, however we offer studio rentals, so you you can have the space to yourself. *Email for inquiries.
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