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Stepping into your first pole class is different for everyone. Some people are stoked and eager. Some feel resistance and discomfort. Some have no idea what to expect. Some have mixed feelings. Some will never tell you what they are feeling because they are a magical enigma. All of those people belong here 💛
Just remember, your pole journey is yours, and yours alone.
It can be whatever YOU choose it to be. Your journey will depend on many things: your comfort zone, your work schedule, your life responsibilities, your mental and emotional state, and your body. The reasons you show up may change and evolve throughout your journey.
If you want to: 

  • Grow your strength 
  • Find your movement flow & creativity
  • Prioritize time to get into your body
  • Feel sexy, sensual, & confident
  • Be upside down
  • Just try something new
  • Get that friend off your back that keeps trying to get you to try it
  • Make friends and be part of a community of supportive people
Some other reason? All right then, keep your secrets 😏 YES TO THEM ALL!

We all have grown up with cultural conditioning from the society we live in and the communities we grew up in. There are probably all kinds of stories and judgements floating around in you (both conscious and subconscious) that will influence how you relate to pole and even to your own body. Our pole journeys may shine light on some of these and give us an opportunity to examine what serves us. 
We recognize the interconnectedness between our emotional, psychological and physical wellness. We believe that it is important to move and celebrate our bodies. They are magical and beautiful, and if the only thing you take away from a pole class is a little more self love, then we consider that a huge success. We strive to empower and encourage everyone in the Pole Hale Ohana (polehana), inspiring each other and avoiding comparison. We each have different bodies, different stories, different strengths and weaknesses and we try to remember to be kind to ourselves.
We have a variety of classes, workshops, private sessions and performance options to help you work towards whatever goals you have. Just remember that there is no one way to do pole. In fact, we even have classes that don’t involve the pole at all! You can come for flexibility, conditioning, therapeutic movement, private dance sessions, crafting, book club and other community events. The path is not linear. 
So, see what resonates with you. Our series classes are numbered and have a linear arrangement for safety and progression, but that doesn’t mean you need to take one after the other after the other. Take a class multiple times. Take a break from series classes to focus on movement. Revisit a class you’ve already taken because you took some time off. Sample some drop in classes to see what is a good fit. Take only choreo classes. Take private sessions if that feels right. Take 6 classes a week and drag all your friends in and do an adorable group performance in our student showcase. We are here for it all.
Peace and Pole,

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