Here at Pole Hale we primarily offer Series Classes because we have seen time and time again that students are more likely to succeed in pole when they learn sequentially and systematically with a regular training schedule. It gives the body an opportunity to build the endurance, strength and pain tolerance needed in a safe and structured environment. We are also really into the community aspect of pole dance. It is one of the strongest, most supportive and body positive communities we have ever been a part of-- Learning a new skill with the same people for a month builds camaraderie and a feeling of safety.
That being said we know how crazy schedules can be and offer drop-in non series classes a few days out of the week.
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Pole Hale 2 Series.png
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Classes must have minimum number of participants registered for class to run. Students MUST register and will receive notification if class is cancelled 24 hours prior to class time.
if you are more than 5 minutes late you will now be allowed to join your class and that class will be removed from your class pack.